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Mar 29, 2023

This week we head to GUNSITE to shoot the newest from Military Armament Company, a new “retro-oriented” brand from SDS Imports. Included is a super 1911, the JSOC, and two of the best value, best shooting semiauto shotguns available, the MAC M2 and the Mac 1014! Also, how about a Re-Declaration of...

Mar 22, 2023

This week Michael shifts over from the .405 1895 to start dialing in the Henry Long Ranger in .6.5 Creedmoor. Also, it’s time to get back to work with the Taurus Raging Hunter in .460 S&W Magnum.

MichaelBane.TV - On the Radio episode # 162.
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Mar 15, 2023

Sometimes your mind can play tricks on you, and some of those tricks can put you and your family at risk. Michael has some thoughts. Also, why are cities and states challenging the Supreme Court?

MichaelBane.TV - On the Radio episode # 161.
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Mar 8, 2023

There are no easy answers in self-defense — each violent encounter is unique, fluid, responding to factors that you as the defender can’t know and chocked full of hidden “surprises.” So what is a smart defender to do? Pay attention…it’s all on you!

MichaelBane.TV - On the Radio episode # 160.
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Mar 1, 2023

This week we take a look at the proposed ATF regulations on pistol braces and the nonsensical claim that SBR (or SBS or AOW for that matter) are intrinsically or inherently more dangerous than their longer-barreled brethren…or, a pistol of the same caliber! Plus, Steven Hunter’s THE BULLET GARDEN…buy it...